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Study Finds Drinking Milk Helps to Whiten Teeth

Study Finds Drinking Milk Helps to Whiten Teeth

At Northfield Family Dentistry, Northfield dentist Dr. Todd Matheson and the rest of our friendly and professional staff want every patient to enjoy the very best oral health possible. The brightness of a patient’s smile is one of the most noticeable aspects of an individual’s oral health, and consuming teeth-staining foods can rob even the healthiest smiles of a little of their luster. This can lead to patients feeling insecure or uncomfortable with the state of their smile, and lower overall self-confidence, as a result.

Beverages like red wine, cola, coffee and black tea are some of the biggest contributors of staining the surface of the teeth. However, new research from the University of Alberta may have found a solution to this problem – at least for those patients who really enjoy a strong cup of tea.

Testing the effect of milk on tea’s ability to stain the surface of teeth, researchers discovered that milk significantly reduced tea’s ability to darken teeth and was even more effective at protecting the color of teeth than whitening toothpastes.

Strong Bones and Whiter Teeth

The second mostly commonly consumed beverage in the world, drinking tea has a very definite affect on how teeth are stained. The more the tea is oxidized, the higher the beverage’s teeth staining properties become, detailed researchers in the study.

To determine what effect milk has on tea’s teeth-staining properties, researchers used extracted human teeth as samples. After determining and recording the natural color of the teeth, researchers exposed them to a staining procedure that involved either a solution containing just tea or one that contained both tea and milk for a 24-hour period.

Teeth that suffered from obvious signs of decay, had fillings, obvious fractures or cracks were omitted from those used in the study.

Researchers discovered that casein, the primary protein found in milk, had the ability to bind the tannins, water-soluble compounds that play a large role in why tea easily stains teeth. Researchers noted a dramatic difference in how stained patient’s teeth become due to drinking tea with milk, comparing the change in color to the use of bleaching products or toothpastes that whiten.

Enjoying a Whiter Smile from your Northfield dentist

Northfield dentist Dr. Craig Cardon wants every patient to have the best-looking smile possible. Even if you don’t drink tea or like the idea of adding milk to your favorite beverage, there is an easy way to help prevent staining; just rinse with water whenever drinking teeth-staining foods and drinks. While drinking a glass of wine, for example, try swishing gently with water after every few sips. This will help remove staining liquids from the surface of your teeth so they don’t stay in contact with the enamel.

No matter what teeth-staining habit you’re trying to kick or modify, Northfield Family Dental can help!

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