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Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

Don’t let dentures or gaps in your teeth take away your confidence! As your Northfield cosmetic dentist, Dr. Matheson can get started on a path to reclaiming your smile with the exciting application of dental implants! Northfield Family Dental offers the most advanced dental implant technology available, and we love to help our Northfield residents regain their confidence with a healthy, beautiful looking smile.

How do Dental Implants work?

The best way to explain how dental implants can improve your smile is to describe exactly how they work. If you’re a missing tooth, Dr. Matheson will replace the tooth with a dental implant. The implant will take root in the jawbone (just a like a real tooth), protect the bone and integrity of your face, and function just like real tooth. Implants blend so seamless into the natural appearance of your smile that only you and Dr. Matheson will even know your tooth was ever replaced.

If you suffer from tooth loss, the bone around the missing tooth or teeth will soon go through a process called reabsorption, which can compromise the structure of your face and create a distinctly unpleasant look many people refer to as “sunken” in appearance. If left untreated, reabsorption can cause discomfort that leads to a variety of other complications and may even eliminate dentures as an option.

Implants not only fix this problem, but often reverse the damage.

Whatever the cause of your tooth loss,  dental implants can erase the pain and embarrassment of having visible holes in your bite while restoring the form and function back to your smile. Implants provide the structure your mouth and jaw need to strengthen the bone and keep your face from caving inwards.

If you are considering dentures (or already have them) you will want to know that dental implants can help anchor dentures or replace them altogether. And they do so without harming nearby teeth.

Dental Implants: the Bottom Line

Missing teeth are common, but you don’t have to suffer from this problem. Dental implants replace teeth and preserve the integrity of the jawbone, while also aiding in other restorative dental fixtures. Implants can give you a great smile without any of the inconveniences of having dentures or other options. Your daily routine can go on just as it did before you lost the tooth. In fact, you may even forget that you have an implant!

Here at Northfield Family Dental, we are committed to your dental health. Your Northfield cosmetic dentist, Dr. Matheson, loves to give our patients a confidence boost with a great new smile. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions and make sure to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matheson to find out if dental implants are right for you!  To schedule an evaluation for dental implants, please call 720-778-0400.


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  1. It’s interesting to read about how implants can not only fix a missing tooth but also reverse the damage to the underlying bones. I’ll have to make sure to look into this more for my mom as I have been looking at dentures or implants for her and implants look like a better solution. I’ll have to talk to her as well about what she thinks as I want to make sure she’s comfortable with the solution we come up with. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Tyler for leaving the nice comment regarding our implants blog. If we can be of any assistance with your mother dental care please contact us and we are happy to help!

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