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At Northfield Family Dental  our patient experiences are our number one priority. Take a look at what some of our past clients have to say at these sites below. If you’re already a satisfied patient, please take a moment to leave us your feedback!

I have massive dental anxiety and this is the best dental office ever!!!! From reception to checkout and all through the process everyone is so welcoming, considerate and comforting. Dr Britt is the absolute best!!!!
Erica m. 1/25/2023
Dr. Britt is AMAZING!!! Had a crown replaced with her and it was the best dental experience I've ever had. I did not feel the first few Novocain shots and she coached me through the tough parts. Her bedside manner is caring and understanding and my new crown fits and looks better than any of the others I've had! HIGHLY recommend!
Elyse B. 7/06/2022
Dr Rogers is friendly, professional, and welcoming along with the rest of the staff. I've even referred my friend as a new patient. However, I'm consistently being charged for things I'm not expecting due to front desk error. I missed my appointment one day and subsequently got charged for it - though I understand that's the policy and I'm responsible for a missed appointment, I wish they would have reminded me of this when they called to let me know I missed in the first place. Insurance only covers bitewings once per year, but I was told at 11 months that I was due for them - insurance didn't pay, and front desk nonchalantly explained that they "try their best to make sure they are only doing it once per year". Other examples include supposed insurance coverage on filling estimates. When I go to pay my portion, I'm told insurance doesn't cover something and that "we should have paid more attention and zeroed it out since we knew it wouldn't be covered". I'm not upset I was responsible for these extra charges, but I am annoyed that they seem to consistently fly through things without ensuring a bit more accuracy.
M T. 7/01/2022
Dr. Rogers always has thorough answers and explanations to my questions/concerns. I've been a patient for 2+ years and have not been disappointed! Front desk staff is friendly and professional as are the dental assistants.
erandi l. 6/30/2022
What a great Dentistry, Everyone was Super nice and very professional. I usually stay with my Doctors and Dentist, but my Dentist relocated. So I got a Dentist in my neighborhood.I’m super greatful to have made the switch.
Thanks Jeff Bering
Jeff B. 6/14/2022
After not finding a dental practice I loved in Denver I was recommended to Northfield Family Dental by a friend. Happy I came, as this practice is conservative yet effective with treatment plans, always on time, clean and friendly. My experience with Dr. Rogers is always great. 10/10 would recommend.
Rachel B. 6/09/2022
I like how thoroughly Dr. Stanley examines not just your teeth, but also your whole mouth for cancer signs. An actual doctor/dentist who spends more than 30 seconds with you is great, as is the rest of the staff! I also wasn't told that I needed a bunch of work done like the practice down the street had told me previously.
Shayla H. 3/24/2022
After not finding a dental practice I loved in Denver I was recommended to Northfield Family Dental by a friend. Happy I came, as this practice is conservative yet effective with treatment plans, always on time, clean and friendly. My experience with both of their Dr's, Rogers and Stanley, have been great, 10/10 would recommend.
Rachel B. 12/22/2021
3 star rating I first established care with Northfield Family Dental in fall of 2020. It was a great experience and it was quick to get in. Fast forward to 2021, it is near impossible to get a 6 month cleaning appointment. I couldn't get an appointment until September 2021. I'm sure I'm not the only one who forgets when they schedule an appointment so far out, so I was semi relying on their call/letter/message about my upcoming appointment. They called me at 5 pm the night before my 8 am cleaning appointment. Unfortunately, I work in health care and had a patient visit I couldn't miss. Therefore, I had to miss my appointment and can't schedule another for several months. Furthermore, I got charged a $50 missed visit fee. Horrible customer service these days and I am not planning on going back there. Luckily, there are about 20 other dental clinics in the area to choose from.
Victoria N. 10/26/2021
This dentistry practice is absolutely fantastic! Each provider is knowledgeable and well rounded. They are kind, trust worthy, thorough and really care about their patients and their staff. I have never enjoyed dentist visits, but these are downright enjoyable! As I said to them before I left after my exam today, “this place is dope!“ highly recommend!
Chris a. 9/30/2021
Dr. Rogers is the best dental specialist I have at any point had. The workplace is all around run, flawless, and every individual who works there is both useful and expert. The group has made an excellent showing of causing patients to have a sense of security and agreeable particularly with respect to Covid. Much obliged to you Dr. Rogers for assisting me with getting my grin back!
Daniel D. 7/14/2021
Very clean, very comfortable and great experience from reception through the service and after, thanks Northfield Family Dental!
Brendan B. 6/14/2021
Dr. Roger is a great dentist and he will help you with any problems you may be having.
Kimberly G. 5/25/2021
I called for an appointment, got me in first thing in morning. When I got there staff was polite and talkative. I was fortunate to be there first. Took care of issue. Help me out with a plan. I was out the door in 40 minutes. Great experience. Highly recommend them.
Alison H. 3/11/2021
So I’ve always had pretty bad teeth and spent years avoiding the dentist because of negative pervious experiences and general anxiety. Dr Muldoon and the whole staff are so wonderful. From my first exam through extractions and cavities, I feel so much better and no longer fear going to the dentist. I have had a great experience with no pain and I’m happy to smile again . I can’t recall a more positive experience with dentists over the years. Thank you for your care and expertise.
Caitlin A. 2/24/2021
Upscale, welcoming place with very knowledgeable dentists and hygienists! I got a great vibe from Dr. Rogers, Lynette and the reception team. They offered sound recommendations. They also offer complimentary whitening to their patients which is a definite plus! They are flexible, professional and transparent. After trying out a different dentistry group during our first year in Central Park, I’ll be sticking with this practice.
Jennifer S. 2/17/2021
I went in to Northfield Family to get my teeth cleaned, and ended up having to get some fillings done. The process was extremely smooth and easy from start to end. Dr. Muldoon went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable, understood the procedure, and ensured that I wasn't in any pain. He even called the next day to follow up, and make sure everything was okay! I highly recommend Dr. Muldoon at Northfield Family Dental.
Robert C. 1/26/2021
Dr. Jaime and Dannika are amazing! They answered all of our questions and had a very sensible approach. We definitely recommend.
mrsnevu8ry 1/18/2021
Dr. Rogers is the best dentist I have ever had. The office is well-run, spotless, and everybody who works there is both helpful and professional. The team has done an exemplary job of making patients feel safe and comfortable especially with regards to Covid. Thank you Dr. Rogers for helping me get my smile back!
dorrie d. 1/14/2021
My family and I have been patients here for almost four years. We’ve had a positive experience and would recommend this practice
Tiffany H. 1/11/2021
I had a great experience during my first visit! All staff who helped me were very kind and personable, and Dr Muldoon is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I’m glad to have found a new dentist office I can trust.
Adrienne A. 12/22/2020
I am new to the area and this was my first time ever at a new dentist's office. My experience was excellent. Everyone was extremely friendly, welcoming, and professional. My cleaning and x-rays were thorough, the conversation made the process fun, and the office itself was extremely clean. I will definitely be going back.
Melanie D. 12/22/2020
I’ve had a great experience every time I’ve been to Northfield Family Dental! Dr. Rogers was very friendly and informative when explaining crown lengthening to me and took his time during the actual procedure to make sure my results were perfect. I love my smile now! I also come here for my regular cleanings and ALWAYS request Danika as my hygienist. She always makes me feel comfortable and is very professional and easy to talk to.
alex r. 9/01/2020
I had a great experience at Northfield Family Dental, the front desk staff was friendly and very informative! The practice was well kept and you can tell that they take COVID precautions seriously which I greatly appreciate. Everyone is definitely doing their part to keep staff and patients safe during this difficult time. The assistant did a great job at answering all questions. Dr. Muldoon made sure I was comfortable and calm during my procedure. I highly recommend Northfield Family Dental for anyone looking for a quality dental office at an affordable price!
J E. 9/01/2020
Dr. Muldoon was wonderful to work with. His calm demeanor reduced my anxiety of being at the dentist. He was extremely thorough in explaining the procedures that needed to happen and was able to show me where the issue was in pictures that their office took. I would 100% recommend seeing Dr. Muldoon!
alison b. 9/01/2020
Dr. Muldoon was amazing to work with. I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years and he was great about making me feel comfortable, walking me through what his process was, and explaining clear next steps for my dental health. I had such a great experience with Dr. Muldoon - I have found my dentist moving forward.
Daniel F. 8/14/2020
Great office! I came in needing some work done after not seeing the dentist for a little while. Dr. Rogers was professional and very helpful. Nancy and Danika have been so great during my routine cleanings.
Scott T. 7/23/2020
I have had a great experience here, the environment is clean and professional! Dr. Rogers is great at explaining everything and takes away the stresses of going to the dentist. Danika is an absolute pleasure to be around. She thoroughly explains preventative care and always takes great care of me!
Nicole P. 7/23/2020
Had a great experience here with Dr. Muldoon. He was very thorough and explained everything he was doing clearly and in detail. He came highly recommended and did not disappoint! Also, the practice has extensive safety protocols in place for COVID-19 which made the experience feel very comfortable and safe. I highly recommend Northfield Family Dental and Dr. Muldoon!
Cameron H. 7/21/2020
5 star rating VERY IMPRESSIVE!! The staff followed the Covid19 guidelines from before I entered the practice until checkout. Angie made me feel very comfortable prior to Dr. Rogers doing a filling as getting my teeth worked on not one of my favorite things to do. Dr. Rogers was amazing during the entire procedure with Angie assisting. It went smoothly and I felt no pain or discomfort at all. Practice is very clean and the entire staff was knowledgeable and friendly, beginning with Amy at the front desk. It is not close to where I live but I will be back for ALL my Dental needs. I highly recommend Northfield Family Dental. Thank you all for taking such good care of me!!
Theresa P. 7/20/2020


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